Concept of costs

The budget for construction is a very important condition. We try to pay the client's request within the desired cost, regardless of whether the budget is large or small, by scrutinizing the client's demands and creating smart architectures without being bound by existing concepts.

About design fee

Total construction cost less than 30 million yen
17% of construction cost + consumption tax

Total construction cost 30 million yen level
16% of construction amount + consumption tax

Total construction cost 40 million yen level
15% of construction cost + consumption tax

Total construction cost 50 million yen ~
We will consult separately.

  • The above design fee is a guide only. The final amount will be determined after consultation.
  • If you are in a remote area, you may be charged for transportation expenses separately.
  • The design fee includes the cost of creating a confirmation application, but an application fee is charged separately.
  • Other renovations, event / temporary spaces, product design, etc. will vary depending on the conditions.

Flow until completion

Step1 Consultation

Please consult us about the size, budget, and what kind of architecture you want. After receiving an e-mail or a phone call, we will meet you directly to hear your story.
We will cooperate as much as possible with regard to the contents necessary in advance for the design of land selection, survey, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Step2 Proposal creation about 1 month

Based on the request and the site materials, we will organize the legal conditions and create a proposal. Please consider whether or not to request based on the proposal.

Step3 Design supervision contract

Based on the proposal, we will conclude a design supervision contract when we are satisfied with the architectural outline.
At this stage, 1/3 of the design fee will be charged as the start-up fee.

Step4 Basic design

While making a meeting based on the proposal, we will create a basic design drawing, CG, model, etc., examine the plan, select materials, examine the equipment and structure, and determine the outline of the architecture.

Step5 Implementation design

Make a detailed drawing by making a detailed meeting.

Step6 Contractor's estimate and administration application

Assess the estimate (adjustment work to make it an appropriate amount). Create a reduction plan as needed and adjust with your budget. After confirming the construction amount, apply for confirmation.
At this stage, we will charge 1/3 of the design fee as an intermediate deposit.

Step7 Construction site supervision

Once construction begins, we will conduct on-site supervision to confirm that construction is being carried out according to the design document. In addition, we will inspect with structural specialists according to the stage.
(Varies depending on construction details)

Step8 Completion inspection

Completion inspection and delivery will be conducted under the presence of the client.
We will charge the remaining amount of the design fee at the time of completion.


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